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Testimonials and Acknowledgments

"Lisa gave me the grounding and structure . . . to finally bring all of my projects together." —Amanda Steinken

"Lisa's work is thorough, meticulous, and insightful. I valued her many contributions to the book and her persistence in making it as good as it could be. She is a joy to work with and I intend to do so again soon." —Cheryl Kent

"I am so grateful for Lisa in this process, grateful for her steadiness and presence." —Connie White

"Lisa Thaler is completely devoted to her clients and to bringing their projects to full fruition and beyond. She is perceptive, and her mind is lightning quick." —Debra Darvick

"Thanks . . . to my wonderful editor, Lisa Thaler, whose expertise elevated the book to a higher level. I am filled with gratitude for your insights, questions, suggestions, and skill, and for our beautiful working relationship." —Fi Sutherland

"Lisa Thaler did an amazing job. Thank you, Lisa, for your dedication, professionalism, and support." —Fotoula Adrimi

"My editor Lisa Thaler . . . asked the right questions and with her keen insights, evoked details that I never would have included." —Jacqueline Saper

"I am blessed to have Lisa Thaler as my editor. Her patience, hard work, attention to detail, and high level of professionalism made my newest adventure a deeper and more rewarding experience. You are amazing, Lisa. Thank goodness I followed my angel track that led me to her." —Jane Doyle


"Working with Lisa Thaler is like working with someone who knows what the view from the mountaintop is, even though neither of you has ever climbed it. She has a gift for comprehending the depths and potential of a project extremely quickly, and her extensive experience means she knows exactly what must be done to achieve it. My product and my process have grown and improved immeasurably thanks to Lisa." —Karen Bloom Gevirtz

Lisa "mak[es] the ideas and thinking clear to the reader." —Martin Thaler

"the best" —Raymond Lambert

"We extend a heartfelt thank you to Lisa Thaler for her tireless dedication to the preparation and writing of this precious family history. She endeared herself not only to our immediate family but to all the extended family she contacted. Our ancestors have become our heroes and Lisa's as well. She is an extraordinary person, scholar, and friend." —Vicki Heyman and Ambassador Bruce Heyman, Former US Ambassador to Canada

"Lisa is prompt and precise and very detail-oriented. . . . She has helped us stay on track and develop better products. . . . Without her help and commitment, the creation of the packaging would've been a painful project." —Yaniv Ben-David

Thank you all for your effort and resolve, ​our teamwork, and sharing your voices. Lisa


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