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Spring 2022

Karen Bloom Gevirtz signs with Emma Bal of Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency and Head of Zeus for The Apothecary's Wife, "the extraordinary true story of how male medical professionals displaced women and domestic medicine during England’s Scientific Revolution, changing the nature of medicine forever." Karen engaged Lisa Thaler in 2020–21 for development assistance with proposals and query letters for two books. Pub date TBA.


Winter 2021/2022

David Hovey (Images Publishing, 504 pp, 400 color illus, 10 b&w, $125) debuts 30 January 2022. "The beautifully illustrated monograph chronicles the architecture of David C. Hovey, FAIA, and his influence on the discipline, as well as the story of his life and career." December 2021, Hovey receives two 2021 American Architecture Awards in the multi-family housing category.

Authors: Cheryl Kent, Helmut Jahn, Alex Marshall

Line Editor: Lisa Thaler

Fall 2021

Black Mountain alum, collage artist, impresario of the Nothing, and founder of the New York Correspondance[sic] School (NYCS) Ray Johnson (1927–1995) is the subject of a major exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, based on the archives of Bill Wilson. Bill was Lisa Thaler's close correspondent and a contributor to her biography Look Up: The Life and Art of Sacha Kolin (Midmarch Arts, 2008). Sacha was an early member of the NYCS, and her participation and friendship with Ray, including artwork images and a candid photograph, are covered in Look Up, which received a starred and boxed review in Booklist and a Print Regional Design Award (graphic design by Christian Marc Schmidt).

Summer 2021

Art enthusiast Jon Fox features Sacha Kolin, subject of Lisa Thaler's biography Look Up, on his Instagram page #art.relived 15 June 2021.

Spring 2021

Laurina Buro Carroll launches the paperback edition of her Perfect Health for Busy People: A Maharishi-Ayurveda Guide to Enjoying a Longer, Happier Life (Perfect Health Press, April 2021, 232 pp).

Author: Laurina Buro Carroll

Line Editor: Lisa Thaler


Winter 2020/2021

From Miniskirt to Hijab: A Girl in Revolutionary Iran (Potomac Books, 2019) wins the

Chicago Writers Association 2020 Book of the Year Award for Traditional Nonfiction, is longlisted for the 2020 Clara Johnson Award for Women's Literature, and is a finalist for a 2021 Feathered Quill Award and a 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award.

Author: Jacqueline Saper

Developmental Editor: Lisa Thaler

Author and painter Debra Darvick engages Lisa Thaler to help reconceive her website. Launched January 2021, Enhance Your Now is a post-pandemic wunderkammer, a curio cabinet of "laughter, comfort, insight, and delight."

Website Owner: Debra Darvick

Developmental Editor: Lisa Thaler

Fall 2020

Coming Home: Awakening through the Stillness into the Living Light is released 31 October 2020.

Author: Fi Sutherland

Foreword by: Meredith Little

Developmental Editor: Lisa Thaler


The Golden Book of Wisdom: Ancient Spirituality and Shamanism for Modern Times (2018) becomes a bestseller on Amazon UK, ranked #2 in the shamanism category.

Author: Fotoula Adrimi

Foreword by: Sandra Ingerman

Developmental Editor: Lisa Thaler


Basic-Naturals skincare receives the Silver A'Design Award for its package design.

Company founder: Yaniv Ben-David

Designer: Sophia Georgopoulos

Product Labels Editor: Lisa Thaler


You Heal You: Inspirational and Miraculous Healing Stories of Modern Day Warriors (2016) wins the 2017 Body Mind Spirit Book Award in the healing category.

Author: Jane Doyle

Developmental Editor: Lisa Thaler 

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